As a practicing Social Worker working in a large city I find that the demands upon me are extreme to the point of exhaustion. My energy levels, self-confidence were constantly being challenged, I was beginning a downward spiral into depression & self-doubt, and my gp offered anti-depressants which I did not wish to prescribe too, a colleague recommended sourcing  alternative therapies to manage my symptoms & also my self doubt , low esteem,  ……….

I came across the Thames Valley hypnotherapy clinic that claimed to be able to assist me to manage & re-balance my priorities.

I must admit that I was dubious at first, as a Social Worker I was trained to either look at the Social Model or Medical Model of practice, this was something totally alien to me. It all sounded a bit odd.

I thought Id throw caution to the wind & have a session with my clinical therapist Wendy.

From the very first  consultation Wendy  was able to relax & calm my mind , Her technique was soothing , she approached me from a person centred point of view encouraging  me to give as much information about my issues to her as I felt comfortable with , I did not feel under pressure .

My first session involved Wendy talking to me in a soothing /calming voice, Wendy not highlighting any of my issues  she was able to bring my sub-conscious mind into a relaxed state, I felt sleepy but conscious , at a place where I was in control but in a very relaxed state.

At this stage Wendy spoke to my sub-conscious mind encouraging me to regain control of my being, able to overcome the issues that caused me self-doubt , giving my confidence a boost , enabling me to deal with issues within my working life.

 When Wendy brought me back out of my unconscious state I was surprised to find out that I had been “asleep” ( ?) for 40 minutes, it felt like 10 minutes. I awoke in a calm /relaxed state, as though I had had a relaxing massage.

I must admit that I was not immediately aware of the benefit,  however, as the weeks progressed, I grew in strength & confidence, I was able to deal with challenges, I was not becoming stressed out and able to feel more content within my working & personal life, challenges that I faced were not consequential in life’s complex tapestry.

I would recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy to anyone facing various issues, from my own experience I found Wendy & her approach exemplary.
Alan A. Social Worker.

I just had to email you to let you know that I actually rode my horsey today without feeling nervous and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. It was such a fantastic feeling that I thought I would never have the confidence to ride again. I couldn’t have done it without your help!
Once again, a big thank you!
Ellen , Nurse, (Hants)

It has been a traumatic time for me and a long journey but you have helped me get my life back on track. I feel so much more in control and know that I can now move forward in my life. I have much more self esteem and confidence than I have ever had.   I would highly recommend you to anyone who is seeking a professional, can do approach.
J. (Berkshire)

As you know, since my motor bike accident I haven’t been able to sleep and have kept thinking about what had happened, going over the same thing day in day out, which got me down. Since I had therapy with Thames Valley Hypnotherapy I am so much better. I don’t know how it worked but I know I don’t have the same feelings about what happened and I don’t think about it all the time.  I’m even thinking about getting another motor bike but not sure what the missus would say though.
A big cheers,
Gary, (Berks)

I went to see Wendy when I was feeling very low and very negative about everything including myself. On top of that I have also suffered with Irritable bowel problems for a long time. Wendy was very supportive and made me feel at ease and I knew at once that I could trust her. I had just three sessions with her and I can honestly say that it has made a huge difference in how I perceive things. In fact my family has commented that my language has changed to being a glass “half full” instead of always “half empty.” This was not a conscious effort on my part, it just happened. I have also found that my IBS is much more under control too. I am really looking forward to the future now and viewing everything in a much more positive way.
Sarah, Teacher (Hants)

I wanted to write and thank you for your help with overcoming my panic attacks when flying. After only one session with you I felt relaxed and more positive.
When I took my flight in July, it was a much more pleasant experience, and I would say it was an 80% improvement on the usual trauma I go through.
I will definitely being having a top-up session with you before my next flight - to trying and improve on this - and hopefully this will allow me to take longer haul flights and enjoy some really memorable holidays with my family.
A big thank you.
Tina (Berkshire)


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