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Hypnosis has a long history of being used in sport to help improve performance by using imagery and visualising a future rehearsal of success, by overcoming mental blocks and barriers and reinforcing self belief, motivation and positive thinking. Hypnosis will help you to focus solely on the task at hand and to fine-tune a technique which will help you to excel beyond what may have previously thought impossible. It can also help overcome performance anxiety or pre-game jitters which can make all the difference between winning or coming 6th place.

Tiger Woods and Jenson Button are excellent examples of incredible athletes at the top of their game who use hypnosis to achieve a phenomenal level of success.  Tiger Woods has been using these techniques since his early teens, to visualize every swing and stroke in his mind before carefully executing it on the course and to help him get “into the zone”.

Even if you are not training for the Olympics or competing as a professional athlete, hypnosis can help you to attain higher levels of performance in whatever sport you play.

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Hypnotherapy, Horse Riding

I can highly recommend Thames Valley Hypnotherapy's confidence-building techniques. At the point at which I contacted them, I had almost given up riding.  As a result of a bad fall I had become overwhelmed by fear. I had stopped hacking out completely and was only schooling my horse occasionally.  However, as a result of her understanding and confidence-building I am now taking my horse out alone and together we are able to face the ‘spooky’ things out there. We are becoming a partnership again and our confidence is growing day by day.

I am very grateful to Wendy. Without her I almost certainly would not be riding at all. My horse and I still have a way to go, but the progress we have made together is amazing and I am enjoying my horse again, all thanks to Wendy’s help and support.

M. Smith