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Phobias are extremely common where it is estimated that some 10 million people have some sort of phobia in the UK. Phobias can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex and social background and can range from the less well-known such as asymmetriphobia (a fear of asymmetrical objects) to more commonly recognised ones such as dentophobia (a fear of Dentists).  There will usually be a strong avoidance behaviour connected with the phobia, and feelings of anxiety, loss of control and panic.  For some people, a phobia can trigger panic attacks and in severe cases the phobia can unfortunately end up controlling that person’s life. Sufferers usually know their fear is irrational, but they are unable to control it.

Usually, phobias begin early in the person’s life but can also continue into adulthood and can occur for a number of reasons. Some argue that a child may learn a phobia by observing a family member’s reaction to an object or situation. Other evidence suggests that traumatic experiences and brain chemicals are also believed to influence the development of phobias.

Types of Common Phobias

Less common phobias can include

Types of Complex Phobias

  • Agoraphobia (Fear of being in situations where escape may be difficult
  • Social Phobia (Fear of social situations, Weddings, Public Speaking etc)

Common symptoms of a Phobia

  • Trembling
  • Fear and panic
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches and racing heart
  • Blushing
  • Palpitations

Thames Valley Hypnotherapy Clinic specialises in treating phobias in Hampshire and Berkshire. We will successfully help you identify the root cause of your phobia and enable you to react to it differently by using a number of proven techniques so that you can continue with your life “phobia free”.

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Top ten phobias

Testimonials: Cure Emtophobia with hypnotherapy

Well I tested it as you suggested and I am amazed that after just one single session I am completely cured! It has changed my life.
A big thank you!
Martha P. Hampshire
(fear of spiders)

Dear Wendy, I made it, twice, over the big bridge! Thank you so much, so I think I have cracked that one.
I didn’t particularly enjoy it but I wasn’t white knuckled and didn’t worry when I got over taken, so all good. Huge thanks and I hope you won’t see me again, well in your consulting rooms!
With best wishes and huge thanks, Sarah.
(Gephyrophobia - fear of bridges)