Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Management

Did you know that an astonishing 95% of diets fail because they do not deal with the main cause of unhealthy eating emotions!

Often despite our best efforts we are unable to control our eating habits or sustain weight loss for any length of time.

Most of us overeat due to an emotional or habitual reasons in that we eat to satisfy our minds rather than because we are physically hungry. It may be that you eat when you are bored, stressed, depressed, anxious, low self esteem or even when you are feeling happy!

Weight Management is not about the latest diet, as diets rarely bring about lasting change in our attitudes, emotional responses and our habits towards food.

Clinical hypnotherapy will address the cause of your overeating and help you to make changes in your life, so that any unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be re-programmed and altered in your sub-consciousness making sustainable and long lasting changes.

The result will be a new you, eating more healthily and managing your weight in a safe and natural way.

Take control of your weight now!

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Evening and weekend appointments are available, upon special request.

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