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There is such a great emphasis in today's society to use exams to measure an individual's ability.

When preparing for GCSEs, A Levels, degree finals or professional exams, it is normal to feel some anxiety about what may happen during an exam.

In fact, mild anxiety can be quite useful during exams and tests because a little extra adrenaline Beat exam stresshelps to sharpen and focus our attention.

But for some people, exam worries can be so strong that a sense of dread becomes too overwhelming. When this happens, it can increase stress levels which can affect sleep patterns, appetite, cause panic attacks and headaches.

These feelings can threaten performance and even cause you to achieve below your true potential.

What can cause exam worries:

Pressure from family, teachers or colleagues that you may let them down
Worried about memory loss and fear your mind may go blank
If you feel that your exam results could change your life, your mind may tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive possibilities
If stress or nerves has prevented you from doing your best in previous exams, you may worry that this might be repeated.
Stress can become a barrier to learning, creating a vicious circle where you feel helpless.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help you to reduce your exam worries by the power of visualisation and suggestion techniques that can encourage you to clear your racing mind and approach the exam with a calm and confident mindset.

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