Emetophobia (fear of being sick)
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Emetophobia is the extreme fear of vomiting, and often the fear of seeing others vomit too. Fear of being sick / vomitingAlthough it receives little attention, it is the fifth most common phobia, according to the International Emetophobia Society.  There is also strong evidence that more women have a fear of being sick than men. It is an extremely debilitating and disabling condition in which sufferers can sometimes avoid overeating, avoid going abroad on holiday, or going to the Doctors or Hospital, or staying away from anyone they know to have had a recent sickness bug.  In extreme cases, some women even deny themselves motherhood for the fear of morning sickness.

Emetophobia can arise from a childhood fear, perhaps an unpleasant experience of being sick, or the illness of a relative or friend. Like most fears and phobia it can intensify at certain periods in a sufferer’s life and can also lay dormant for periods of time. Many adult emetophobia sufferers can claim to have been vomit-free for 10 or 20 years or more.

Thames Valley Hypnotherapy Clinic uses a safe, proven and highly effective method to help you permanently overcome your fear of being sick, so that you to take control back in your life.


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