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Anger is a normal healthy emotion and is part of being human. Being angry isn’t a problem in itself, but it is how you deal with it. Anger becomes a problem when it harms you or people around you. This can depend upon whether you express your anger and how you express it. When in control, if something happens that makes you angry, you express your anger and then move on.  When you don’t express your anger, or express it at inappropriate times or in unsafe ways, this is when it can damage your health and your relationships. This is especially so, if something has made you angry in the past and you didn’t express your anger at the time. Maybe you felt you couldn’t or didn’t want to, then that anger can become suppressed.

In the longer term this can have negative consequences. You may find that when something happens to annoy or upset you in the future, you feel extremely angry and respond more aggressively than is appropriate to the new situation. Angry feelings can sometimes turn to rage and lead to destructive and violent behaviour. If you are unable to let go of your anger and express it in a safe or constructive way, this can also be bad for your emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing and possibly to those close to you.

Thames Valley Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you to gain control over your anger responses, teaching you coping mechanisms to allow you to have healthier reactions and to maintain balance when faced with life’s stressful challenges.

Take control of your anger before it takes control of you.

Evening and weekend appointments can be available, upon special request

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